Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Throwdown Vo1. 2 at Panorama Ridge

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Panorama Ridge presents,
1 vs. 1 Freestyle Dance Competition
Wednesday, Oct.28th, 2015
Doors open at 3:45pm . . . competition starts at 4:45pm
Panorama Ridge Secondary (64th ave. and 132nd st.)
          Welcome to the 2nd annual, THROWDOWN at Panorama Ridge Secondary!  This event is open to all Surrey students and designed to bring together the High School Dance community in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  This is a freestyle dance competition focusing on musicality, technique, creativity and performance.  Although our students have many opportunities to perform choreographed pieces, they rarely get the chance to showcase their joy of just, “dancing!”  Freestyling is at the heart of hip hop culture and dance, so it is our hope that this event gives students a positive environment to show off their creativity and love of dance! 
          There will be 3-4 rounds of competition with open cyphers in between. So ALL students can get a chance to show their stuff and have fun!  Judges will not be giving written comments or scores to the preliminary round competitors . . . this will keep the event running quickly and smoothly.  Top 4 competitors will be able to meet privately with the judges after the event to get specific comments and feedback. 

A:  Breaking . . . (all b-boying, b-girling) . . . (beginner/intermediate category and intermediate/advanced category)
B:  All Styles . . . (any hip hop/street style, or a combination of styles, ex. popping, locking, waacking, krumping, old skool hip hop, new skool, etc.) . . . (Junior. Senior categories)
C:  Alumni All Styles (open to graduated students from your school . . . preferably within the last 1-2 years…but not necessary)

3-4 Rounds of Competition:  (all 1 vs.1)
A:  Preliminary Round 
-      Approximately 20 dancers, and 10 battles
-      Names will be drawn at random out of a hat
-      Judges will pick the top 8 to advance.
-      Does NOT matter who you are put up agaist

B: Top 8 Round (if enough students)
-      8 dancers, 4 battles
-      Names will be drawn at random out of a hat
-      “Winner” of each battle will advance to semis

B:  Semi-Final Round
-       4 dancers, 2 battles
-      Names will be drawn at random out of a hat
-      “Winner” of each battle will advance to final round
-      3rd and 4th place will be determined by judges at the end of the competition

C:  Final Round: 
-       2 dancers, 1 battle
-      Judges will determine the winner

-      Dancers will not know their music in advance
-      Must adapt to any changes in music (style, tempo, beat, etc)
-      There will be an experienced live DJ spinning
-      Break battles, and All Styles will have different music appropriate to the style.

-       Please fill out the electronic registration form for all dancers…

-      “First come, first serve” sign up
-      Please encourage both boys AND girls to participate in this event . . . most of our students have never done anything like this before, so it will be a learning experience for all!
-      I will send out the maximum number of audience tickets for each school in a separate email. 
-      Teachers must attend the entire event and are responsible for their own students.
-      $10 per competitor
-      $5 per audience member (teachers will get tickets in advance)
-      Tickets also for sale at the door
-      1 cheque made out to “Panorama Ridge Secondary”

-      Check in for competitors is at 3:45pm-4pm
-      Bring Go-Card or ID
-      Dancers will be given a number/bib
-      Check the board and listen to the Emcee for the order

Schedule of events:  DRAFT
Welcome…rules, etc.
Junior Break Prelims
Senior Break Prelims
Open Cypher (10 mins)
All Styles Prelims
Alumni All Styles Prelims
Open Cypher (10 mins)
Junior Break Semi-Finals (top 4-8) 
Senior Break Semi-Finals (top 4-8)
Open Cypher (5 mins)
All Styles Semi-Finals (top 4-8)
Alumni Semi-Finals (top 4)
Open Cypher (5 mins)
Junior Break Finals (top 2)
Senior Break Finals (top 2)
All Styles Finals (top 2)
Alumni Finls (top 2)
Open Cypher (5 mins)


Jenny-Lynn Jensen

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